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Study of social stratification under gradual market transition in China
Author(s): Liang, Yucheng (梁玉成)
Thesis, 2007

Village governance in contemporary China : variations and outcomes
Author(s): Sun, Xiulin (孙秀林)
Thesis, 2007

Institutional transformation and the multi-facet logic of differentiation of state-owned enterprise workers
Author(s): Zhang, Lijuan
Thesis, 2006

Towards a meritocratic society? : intergenerational mobility in urban China (1966-2003)
Author(s): Li, Yu (李煜)
Thesis, 2006

Communal land rights, land rental markets, and agricultural investments : evidence from rural China
Author(s): Zhao, Yang (趙陽)
Thesis, 2002

Voice of lao sanjie : the impact of ten years of Cultural Revolution on the late life of lao sanjie
Author(s): Chang, Jingfeng (常京鳳)
Thesis, 1995