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New China lobby and Sino-US relations in the 1990s
Author(s): Zhong, Jing
Thesis, 1999

Emotional labor, the labor intimacy of the Cantonese and Putonghua teachers for their global elite clients
Author(s): Chow, Domio King-Kan
Thesis, 1999

Case study of the China democratic league, 1939-1949
Author(s): Yip, Tin Sang
Thesis, 1998

Comparative study of China, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong
Author(s): Mitsumori, Shiro
Thesis, 1997

Discourse analysis of the debate over the female inheritance of land in the New Territories
Author(s): Wong, Kin-wai
Thesis, 1997

Social relations in Shenzhen factory
Author(s): Chen, Jin
Thesis, 1997

Case study of some Canadian returnees in Hong Kong
Author(s): Chan, Wendy W.Y.
Thesis, 1996

Policy towards sex and violence comics in Hong Kong, 1970-1995
Author(s): Wong, Olive Man
Thesis, 1996

Evolution of the Chinese Communist Party's policies toward the United States in 1942-1947
Author(s): Kong, Siu-ping
Thesis, 1996