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Belief in retribution for good and evil deeds under divine witnessing in early and early medieval China: A comparative perspective
Author(s): 吕宗力
Working paper, 2016

Author(s): Holz, Carsten A.
Source: SCID Working Paper 473, 6 Mar 2013
Working paper, 2013

Author(s): Holz, Carsten A.
Source: SSRN Working Papers Series, 27 November 2013
Working paper, 2013

Author(s): Gao, Pengjie ; Lou, Dong
Source: Social Science Research Network, 6 March 2013, number 1787187
Working paper, 2013

Author(s): Zhao, Jimin ; Liu, Jian ; Hickman, Robin ; Banister, David ; Zhou, Yong
Source: Visioning and Backcasting for Transport in Jinan (VIBAT-JINAN), Working paper no. 1061, September 2012, / Jimin Zhao, Jian Liu, Robin Hickman, David Banister, Zhou Yong and Liu Zhengling. Oxford: Transport Studies Unit, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, 2012
Working paper, 2012